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by Kathleen Kimball

Pinterest is a tool no bride-to-be can live without, but what about your business? The beauty of Pinterest is simple: Users can arrange ideas and inspiration in an organized manner, then easily see all their ideas in a way that is visually appealing and easy to compare.  In short, Pinterest helps streamline the transition from planning to execution, whether it be a recipe or a new website. Pinterest users don’t stop at project planning! Below are five ways Pinterest can boost your business.

  1. Resource for clients – This is particularly applicable for businesses with visual products, or anything that takes some imagination to sell.  You can populate boards with ideas and inspiration your customers can use.  Clayton Homes, a modular home builder does a wonderful job being a resource for customers looking to build, decorate or move into a home.  Since Pinterest suggests pins via keyword search, Clayton has done an impressive job integrating keywords so customers who might not have thought of a modular home, but are looking to move/build might be open to the idea.  Most content is populated from their own website, meaning potential customers are lead back to the website, where they can chat with a customer service representative. Check out their board here 
  2. Organize your social media and or blog ideas – When it rains, it pours. One good topic for your company leads to another good topic. Use Pinterest to save articles, visual content, and other interesting tidbits that might be useful for social media.  Then when struggling for content, refer to Pinterest, where there will be content ready and waiting.  Additionally, pre-load content so others can handle social media while on vacations.  Check out this board to see how easy it is to compile ideas
  3. Collect inspiration – Work in a creative field? Thinking about re-doing a website, or remodelling the office? Build a collaborative board and add applicable ideas as they pop up.  When the time comes to implement the idea, there is no need to remember where the article was, it is saved on the appropriate board. Here is a great example of someone who has collected design ideas and inspiration
  4. Collaborate with co-workers – Cut down on the emails back and forth.  When someone stumbles across a great idea for a project, simply pin it to a shared board on Pinterest and collaborate on your ideas.  The comment section can be used to specify why the pin was applicable, or what specific portion was interesting. Collaborating is so popular, Pinterest even made a place for group boards!

We would love to hear how your business is using Pinterest! Share your experience in the comment section.  Happy Pinning!

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Kathleen is Porch Light’s business and marketing expert. In her free time, Kathleen loves to cook, bake and play outdoors. If it’s a rainy day, you’ll catch her shopping (She can’t resist a good sale), or watching one of her favorite cooking shows.

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5 Ways Pinterest can help Organize your Business